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Here's a simple Windows command-line utility to convert various Sudoku game file formats to puzzle packs that can be read by Smoresoft Sudoku.

I've tested it with sdm, sdk, sud, and sudbook files.  If you find a file format it can't read, feel free to post it here and I'll see if I can add support for it.

I've included the C# source code in case someone wants to improve on it.  The code is released into the public domain.  Do what you wish with it, at your own risk.


    sppconvert {source path} {destination file} {rating}


    {source path} is a path containing files to be imported, and can include wildcards.
    {destination file} is the name of the puzzle pack output file.
    {rating} is the rating given to the puzzle pack (1-9).


    C:\>sppconvert "C:\puzzles\*.sud" "Puzzles.spp" 5

The above example converts all of the files ending with ".sud" in the directory "C:\puzzles" to a single puzzle pack file named "Puzzles.spp".  The puzzles will all be rated at level 5.

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