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Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku 1.2 Preview 3 Released
« on: June 27, 2006, 08:07:21 AM »
  • NEW: Support for themes and background images. (No themes yet, sorry.)
  • NEW: Another attempt to prevent display timeout on the MPx200.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku 1.2 Preview 1 Released
« on: June 22, 2006, 11:04:47 AM »
This release addresses some user requests from the forum and finishes up the planned keyboard handling improvements.

I've implemented a new versioning scheme this release.  I will now maintain the latest stable release in addition to a preview release with my latest changes.

Note that since the minor version number has changed in this release (1.1.x to 1.2.x), a new language pack will be needed (the version 1.1.x language pack will not work with version 1.2.x of the game).

  • NEW: "Auto-play singles" now displays each move so you can watch the grid fill up.
  • NEW: "Bump" at the edge of the grid. When navigating around the grid, the current position no longer wraps at the edge of the grid if a joypad direction key is held down. Release the joypad and press it again to wrap.
  • CHANGE: Pressing the "0" key clears the selected cell. Holding down the "0" key in pencil mode will clear any illegal pencil marks in the cell and, if there is only a single pencil mark remaining, promote the pencil mark to a pen mark.
  • CHANGE: Moved "Set Bookmark" and "Set Pencil Marks" menu items to the new "Assistance" submenu so there are only 10 items in the main menu.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku Released
« on: June 20, 2006, 05:54:27 PM »
  • FIX: Fixed crash in version puzzle pack "Open..." dialog on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku hits 10,000 downloads!
« on: June 20, 2006, 07:47:37 AM »
We logged our 10,000th Smoresoft Sudoku download from last week!

A free copy of Smoresoft Sudoku goes to the lucky downloader. Congratulations!

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku Released
« on: June 20, 2006, 07:42:41 AM »
  • CHANGE: Puzzle Pack "Open..." dialog now limits searches for puzzle packs to the installation folder and "My Documents\My Puzzles" in local storage and on each installed storage card in order to speed up the search. (NOTE: "My Documents" may be localized (i.e., in a different language) on your phone, but "My Puzzles" is always in English.)
  • NEW: "Auto-play singles" option. Automatically plays cells that have only one option, called "singles" or "forced moves".
  • NEW: "Undo Mode". Enter undo mode by choosing "Undo Mode" from the menu or by holding down the Back button. While in undo mode, press the left joypad button to undo a move and the right joypad button to redo a move. Click the joypad to exit undo mode.
  • NEW: "Bookmark" feature. Choosing "Bookmark" from the menu remembers the current state of the grid in the undo buffer. While in undo mode (see above), the up and down joypad buttons navigate between the beginning of the undo buffer, the current bookmark (if any), and the end of the undo buffer. Joypad down moves toward last move in undo buffer, and joypad up moves toward the first move. (NOTE: The undo buffer is currently not saved when you exit the game, so your bookmark will be lost.)
  • NEW: Undo now works with major changes to the grid, such as setting all pencil marks.
  • NEW: Joypad up/down cycle between digits 1-9 in highlight mode.
  • NEW: Joypad "Enter" keypress exits highlight mode.
  • CHANGE: "Undo" is no longer on the menu. However, you can still press the Back button to undo a single move.
  • CHANGE: Pen marks are not entered until the digit key is either released or held down.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku Released
« on: June 14, 2006, 06:43:51 PM »
  • CHANGE: Version numbering change necessary to support using the same language pack with different versions of the game.
  • NEW: Added "Backlight always on" option. This option only takes effect when the main grid is visible. It automatically turns off when you switch to another application, or when you're view Statistics, etc. Not sure if this will work with every Smartphone, but it works for mine. :)
  • FIX: Fixed string for Create menu.
  • NEW: Allow culture to be specified in application configuration file as "culture" setting (primarily for testing language packs).

Feature Requests / Most wanted new feature?
« on: June 14, 2006, 06:26:49 AM »
You get three votes that could determine how long you'll be waiting for your favorite new feature!

I plan to implement all of these features eventually, but your feedback will help me to determine which features to do first.  Here's what I have in mind:

Auto-play singles
An option to automatically play forced moves.  If you've played Freecell and seen how it finishes up the game for you automatically when there are only trivial moves left, you've got the idea.

Download a theme or create your own and share it with the community.  Customize colors, layout of the grid, and provide a background image.

Puzzle Pack Manager
Download and open puzzle pack (.spp) files directly from your device (without having to download them to your PC first), sort and filter by difficulty level, restart puzzle packs, and remove completed puzzle packs to free up space.  I will also add display of credits to the puzzle pack author and consider supporting zip compression of the spp files to save space.

More Statistics
Puzzle pack statistics (in addition to per-puzzle statistics) and lifetime statistics for each difficulty level.

Colored Digits
An option to display each digit and pencil mark in a unique color.

Undo Mistakes
Undo the puzzle to the last point where it is solvable.

PocketPC Version
Self-explanatory.  I'll tell you now that this one will need a lot of votes to motivate me to delay new features that I want for my Smartphone to make you PocketPC users happy.  If you really, really want a PocketPC version right now, vote with the PayPal button. :)  Otherwise, I plan to finish up most of the Smartphone features and then do a PocketPC version.

Puzzle Pack Creator
A Windows application that will import puzzles from the clipboard and various file formats and allow you to save them as a puzzle pack.  Also view puzzles, rearrange them, and even merge puzzle packs.

An undo/redo mode where you can undo and redo your moves using the joypad, all the way back to the beginning of the game if you like.

Improved keyboard handling
"Bump" at the edge of the grid, don't change the grid until the key is released (makes the "press-and-hold" functions less weird), and support joypad up/down in highlight mode.

Backlight always on
Hate the way the backlight keeps going out while you're trying to concentrate?

Pause game on idle
Ever forget to exit or switch to the home screen, to find out later that the timer has been running for hours?

Snapshot save/restore
Save a snapshot of the game state and restore it when you like.

Features I don't want to implement
A puzzle generator, a hint system. (Puzzles that can be randomly generated on a Smartphone in a reasonable amount of time are usually lame anyway, and real Sudoku players don't want hints--or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :))

Well, I have a bunch more features in mind, but those are the most interesting that I plan for the near future.  If you've got an idea for a feature that isn't on the list, post it!

Translations / How to translate Smoresoft Sudoku
« on: June 12, 2006, 10:03:29 AM »
Smoresoft Sudoku localizable strings are stored in a Microsoft .NET resx file.  To create a new translation, you'll first need to download the latest version of the neutral language resx file (attached to this message), which is in US English (en-US).

Then, edit the file and replace the contents of the <value> XML tags that are inside <data> tags with the appropriate translation.  You can use notepad.exe for this (be sure to save the file in UTF-8 format), or your favorite XML file editor.

Be careful not to change anything except <value> tags that are inside <data> tags.

Do not change anything above the comment in the file that says "DO NOT LOCALIZE ABOVE THIS LINE".

For example, you might translate the following entry in the neutral language resx file:

Code: [Select]
  <data name="newPuzzleMenuText">
    <value xml:space="preserve">New</value>
    <comment>New puzzle menu item text</comment>

as the following in French (fr-FR):

Code: [Select]
  <data name="newPuzzleMenuText">
    <value xml:space="preserve">Nouveaux</value>
    <comment>New puzzle menu item text</comment>

Note that the only change is that the word "New" has been replaced with the word "Nouveaux".  Do not change any other portion of the entry.

Also note the contents of the <comment> tag.  This is descriptive text intended to help you, the translator, understand how the text is used in the software. There is no need to translate the comments. They do not appear in the software.

Repeat this step for for all of the <value>

Save the file as a new file and insert the .NET culture name into the file name just before the ".resx" file extension. For example, if the original file is named "Resources.resx", save the file as "" for culture "fr-FR". You will find a list of culture names at

Once you've completed the translation, post the translation to this forum as an attachment and let me know how you'd like your name to appear in the game credits.

You're done!

I'll then include your translation in the next release of Smoresoft Sudoku.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku 1.1.0 Released
« on: June 11, 2006, 06:17:00 AM »
Back in business with a new hard drive!  Changes in this release:

  • NEW: Localization support. (No translations available yet.)
  • NEW: "Auto-pencil marks" option.
  • NEW: Press the "#" key to toggle "highlight sets" mode. When in highlight sets mode, press a number key to highlight cells containing that number of valid pencil marks. For example, press "#" followed by "2" to highlight all pairs.
  • NEW: "0" key removes invalid pencil marks in pencil mark mode. Press and hold the "0" key to clear the entire cell.
  • CHANGE: Do not highlight invalid pencil marks in highlight mode.
  • CHANGE: Separated "illegal moves" and "assistance level" options.
  • FIX: Exit full-screen mode works again on Windows Mobile Smartphone edition (e.g. Treo 700w).
  • FIX: Entering a pencil mark on a given cell no longer causes the cell to be highlighted in highlight mode.

Announcements / Hard drive crash... release 1.1 delayed
« on: June 10, 2006, 08:50:50 AM »
The hard drive on my main dev machine died yesterday, so the update for Smoresoft Sudoku I was planning for today is delayed. Fortunately, I don't think I lost anything super important, except for valuable time buying and installing the new drive and reinstalling the OS and all of my software.

Before the crash, I had auto-pencil marks working pretty well and support for localization.  Hopefully I'll have everything up and running soon so I can get back to the next release.

News and Updates / New forums!
« on: June 01, 2006, 09:02:23 AM »
The web site is now using SMF forum software and the forums have been reorganized to better track feature requests and bug reports. It also supports WAP browsers now, so it should be a lot easier to view the forum on small devices.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku 1.0.12 released
« on: May 30, 2006, 07:10:04 AM »
  • FIX: "Set Pencil Marks" no longer causes cells with values to be highlighted in highlight mode.
  • NEW: "Assistance Level" option allows illegal move and illegal pencil mark flagging to be selected separately.

Note that this replaces the previous "Flag illegal moves" checkbox. If you have changed this from the default value in previous versions, you will need to select your desired assistance level again after upgrading.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku 1.0.11 released
« on: May 29, 2006, 12:45:36 AM »
  • NEW: Flag invalid pencil marks if "Flag illegal moves" option is selected.
  • NEW: "Set Pencil Marks" menu item. Sets pencil marks for each cell to the valid candidates for that cell.
  • NEW: "Undo" menu item. The Back key still does an Undo as well.
  • CHANGE: Rearrange menu to accommodate new items.
  • CHANGE: Left softkey now displays statistics in full-screen mode. Use the right softkey to exit full-screen mode.
  • CHANGE: Rename "Show invalid moves" to "Flag illegal moves" in an attempt to clear up confusion about the option.
  • FIX: Undo now works properly for pen marks.
  • FIX: Undo with Back key now works in full-screen mode.
  • FIX: Illegal moves are properly flagged after an Undo operation.
  • FIX: "0" key clears the selected cell in pencil mode as it did in versions prior to 1.0.10.

Announcements / New Puzzle Pack Released (Very Easy)
« on: May 22, 2006, 09:37:28 AM »
The first "Very Easy" puzzle pack with 100 puzzles has been released in the puzzle pack section.

This puzzle pack is in cab file format for easier installation (and reduced bandwidth), and the rest of the puzzle packs have been converted to cab file format as well.

I'm interested in comments on the use of cab files for puzzle packs.

Announcements / Smoresoft Sudoku 1.0.10 released
« on: May 21, 2006, 07:46:18 AM »
  • NEW: Undo. Press the Back key to undo the last move. Note that the undo buffer will be cleared if the game is exited.
  • NEW: Highlight candidates function. Press the '*' key to toggle highlight mode. When in highlight mode, pressing a number key highlights cells that contain candidates with the value of the key pressed.
  • NEW: Holding down a number key in pencil mode enters the key value as a pen mark.
  • NEW: Elapsed time is displayed when the puzzle is completed.
  • CHANGE: Default pencil mark style is ordered digits rather than squares.
  • FIX: Timer no longer resumes when game receives focus and the puzzle is complete.

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