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Pre-purchase Question
« on: March 03, 2008, 02:45:28 PM »
I have been playing various versions of Suduko for a while and have a question about Smoresoft's.
I downloaded the demo and like the idea that it comes with pre-written puzzles, not generated ones. (Feel like you accomplish something as you solve the different puzzles.)
(1) When you purchase the full version, how many puzzles of the different difficulty levels come with it?
(2) In the full (purchased) version, is there anyway to get rid of the yellow lines that show the horizontal and vertical rows? (To me it just makes the game a little too easy at times.)

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Re: Pre-purchase Question
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2008, 10:02:31 PM »
Hi Steve,

Great questions!

The game comes with 300 puzzles:  100 Beginner puzzles, and 50 each at the Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Fiendish levels.  I think you'll find that the puzzles are much more interesting to solve than puzzles that are randomly generated by other games.

You can download additional puzzle packs on the Puzzle Pack download page (currently about 400 additional puzzles available at various levels), and from the Puzzle Packs Forum.

For advanced users, the Puzzle Packs Forum also contains a downloadable utility that will convert a number of puzzle pack file formats into a Smoresoft Sudoku puzzle pack.

Regarding your second question, there is currently no setting to turn off the guidelines (the vertical and horizontal lines).

The guidelines are intended to make it easier to spot the currently selected cell, not really as an assistance feature, but I can see that it might be nice to turn them off. I'll submit this feature request for the next release of the game.

If you're really motivated, you could make the guidelines invisible by creating your own theme and specifying a transparent "guideLine" color (see How to create a theme). You're welcome to try this without having to register first.

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