Author Topic: Smoresoft Sudoku 1.5 released!  (Read 4623 times)

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Smoresoft Sudoku 1.5 released!
« on: July 16, 2007, 07:46:04 AM »
I'm pleased to announce the release of Smoresoft Sudoku 1.5!

The major new features in this release are support for touch screen input and improved QWERTY keyboard detection.

If you've already purchased a registration code for Smoresoft Sudoku, you can upgrade for free. Just exit the game and download and install the latest version from  No need to re-enter your registration code--your previous registration will be automatically detected.

If you haven't purchased a registration code yet, it's easy and painless. Just click the "Buy Now" button on the download page. You'll be hard pressed to find this many hours of quality entertainment for $5 USD anywhere!  Why spend $10 or more to stare vacantly at a movie screen, losing more brain cells every minute when you could spend half that much to challenge your brain with some fine Sudoku puzzles?

  • New: Support for touch screen input.
  • New: Improved support for QWERTY keyboards. On supported devices, it is no longer necessary to switch to num lock mode to enter digits.
  • New: Restart a puzzle pack from the "Open..." dialog.
  • New: Danish translation
  • New: Display puzzle information when a puzzle is first loaded.
  • New: Display a message when a puzzle pack is completed.
  • Change: Default to pen input mode. Save current input mode on game exit.
  • Fix: Fixed "Flag invalid candidates" that was broken in version 1.4.
  • Fix: Restore translator credits removed in version 1.4.
  • And a number of other cosmetic, performance, and diagnostics improvements.