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Glad to hear you miss Smoresoft Sudoku on your PocketPC, tomasho!  I'm on vacation until the end of next week, but when I get back I do plan to get something working for touchscreen devices.  I'll experiment with various input methods in the next few preview releases.


I am playing the 1.25 version on my ppc axim x51 now   here are the things I see that need to be fix to make it more friendly because I really love it.  most other ppc game are way too easy even the feindish ones don't get me wrong, I can't do them well on paper, but I like a challenge at least
 Ok First some directions I tossed it at first back in v1.1 because, I thought It crashed.  I thought 1.25 did till I accidently hit a number on my external thumb board

2.  there is no way to get out off full screen if you try it without re installing or figureing out how to open the config file in txt editor and having some knowledge of code I.e. 1=yes 0=no.  Not a whole lot of non geeks know that.  Something we seem to forget.
3 We don't have a key pad.  Only a key board and it covers the bottom half of the board, so you have to open and close it all the time,  I tried my belkin thumb boa4d but the numbers and the arrow keys require you to hold down a shift button rather awkward, especially if you have big thumbs  maybe a pop up number pad?  I don't mind using my 5 way navigation /joy stick thingy, but arrow keys on it would help the stylus folks

for the person who couldn't find the pen mode ,push the center of your 5 way and you will see a small triangle toggle if it's there you are entering pencil marks. I mapped my input panel to a hardware button to bring up the key board, but I have SPB pocket plus too
Sorry if this is long and has typos but I am on the PDA now

thank's for your hard work I'd be happy to test it for you.  I hard reset this puppy all the time so crashes don't bother me  lol
Tiggerr129  add to that if you want to reach me.

Hi tiggerr129, and thanks for your comments!

I'm planning to work on the PPC version over the holidays, but I'm one of the unlucky persons without electricity in the Seattle area for the past week. Before that, I was on vacation for a couple of weeks, so Sudoku has not been getting much attention lately. Once the power comes back on, I'll be back in business and I'll appreciate any testing you can do with the PPC version.

Normally, you press a softkey to use the menus in full screen mode, but I think the PPC has different keycodes for the softkeys than the Smartphone, so you'll probably have to avoid full screen mode until I release a PPC version. RE: the external keyboard, you should be able to use the WERSDFXCV keys for 1-9 without the shift key for now. Also, if you like, you can use the alternate input mode in the latest preview release to navigate using the WERSDFXCV keys so you don't have to switch between the joypad/5-way and the keyboard.

I'll have a pop-up number keypad in the upcoming PPC version, and I'll switch the pen/pencil mode toggle to the left softkey. The center button on the 5-way will display the pop-up keypad, so you can play the game using only the 5-way joypad if you like (though I think it would be fairly inefficient compared to a stylus).


Gee you mean you don't work on sudoku apps for us by candle light????  Pardon me while I wipe the sarcasm off my screen.  I expect you to bundle up build a fire and live on fruitcake and egg nog untill you get this fixed.  Seriously  I think we can find enough to occupy ourselves in the mean time. 
 ::) She said ducking all the stale fruitcakes being thrown at her by the other Pocket Pc users who have been waiting patiently for so long

Have a nice holiday  Maybe I'll get out my old Palm IIIe and play a little green and black solitaire. :o


Well, the power's back on and, finally, the broadband is back, too! I feel civilized once again. Had plenty of egg nog, thank you, but nobody thought to send me a fruitcake. Just as well. :)


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