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I'd like to navigate in the grid with the numbers instead of the joystick (2:up - 8:down - 4:left and 6:right)
and to switch to the small numbers mode without pushing on the joystick.

What I suggest is to use left menu button (the one use for statistics) to switch between the different mode.
Each time you push on the menu button it swich to the next mode...(insert number, then insert small numers, then mavigation mode)

The * or the # may also be used for it... (example * to insert numbers and small numbers and # to chose the navigation mode)

Anyone interested by this request ?

Interesting idea.  Thanks, David78!

It seems like you would be pressing the left menu button quite often to switch modes.  If there are three modes, you'd have to press it once, enter a number, and then press it twice to be ready to navigate to another cell.  That's four keypresses for one entry, with three of them farther away from the keypad than the joystick.  Are you sure you'd like this?

I'm very curious about why you don't like using the joystick.  Is the problem that you have a device with a lousy joystick?  (Wouldn't happen to be an Audiovox SMT5600, would it? :) )  Or do you just prefer not to move your thumb off of the keypad an up to the joystick, e.g., because it's less movement and therefore more efficient?

If I know exactly what it is that you don't like about the current implementation, it will help me to figure out the best way to fix it.


I want to play without joystick, because I play too much with the smoresoft sudoku game...  :P and, with the time, playing too much with the joystick may "brake" it.   :(
There's a lot of people who have problems with their joystick...

I agree with you, switching from one mode to an other may need a lot of pushes on the menu button.   :-\
...But it will not brake the joystick...

(PS : instead of menu button, * or # may also be chosed)

My second idea may be interesting too :
* to chose enter number / enter small number
# to switch to navigation mode and switch back to enter mode / enter small number

I'm open to other suggestions  ;)

I've been thinking about this and I have a couple of ideas I'd like to try out.  I'll see if I can get them into the next preview release.

You can get a sneak peek of the keypad navigation feature in 1.3 Preview 3.  It's not finished yet (it needs some polish and I don't have a way to turn the new mode off yet), but I'm interested in your feedback.

With this preview release, you can navigate around the grid with the keypad.  Press "5" to display the input box for the selected cell.  When the input box is displayed, you can press a number to enter that value in the cell, or press the "Back" key to dismiss the input box without making any changes.

If the selected cell contains a given value, you can't enter anything in that cell so the input box will not be displayed.

You still have to use the joystick to switch between pen and pencil mode.  I will probably move that to the left softkey and make the Enter key (also the joystick key) bring up the input box (the same as pressing "5" in keypad navigation mode).

I also plan to test a "goto" function which will allow you to press the box number and then the cell number to jump to a cell anywhere on the grid.  More on that in the next preview.



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