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I've found that when I play I say to myself, 'oh look, all the 7s are in place.  now I don't have to worry about 7s'.  10 minutes later I forget and spent time checking 7s. 

I thought a nice feature would be an indicator when a number has been used up.  For example you could have a row that contains the numbers 1 to 9.  If a number is still available to be played it could be displayed in grey.  When it can no longer be played, display it in black. 

This would solve my problem because a quick visual scan would tell me not to worry about 7s.

Anyway, just a thought.

I enjoy the game.  Thank you.

Hi richsn, and thanks for the thought!

I've often counted up the number of 7's left myself--I agree it would be great to have the indicator you suggest.  However, I've tried to use as much of the small screens available on phones as possible for the grid, so I'd like to avoid taking up valuable space with a separate row containing numbers.

How about using color or shading to indicate used numbers?  For example, I could change the color of the digits and/or the cell background color for completed numbers.


Hi richsn,

As of Preview 4, available now, when you use up a number, that number turns a darker color.  I've also modified the default theme and the "Purple" theme that come with the game so that the normal input is a lighter color, to increase the contrast and make this new feature more visible.

Let me know what you think.



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