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Hello admin. What a beautiful game! Several ideas, such as the full screen mode and the pencil marks, are well-thinked and very well done. However, I would like to know if it was possible to add more sets, because the 30 grids in the Sample set are to be quickly solved. Moreover, I have some other ideas which you could add in your future versions :

- an option in the menu which consists in making numbers become red (for instance) when they already are in the same line or in the same column

- an algorithm which can generate as many grid as we want

- a "difficulty" menu

- an option that let us solve the current grid

I admit that they are very numerous, but even if your game is recently the nicest free sudoku game I have seen, including all these possibilities would make it become the best free sudoku game for smartphone.

Thanks for your comments!

RE: the grids, I don't have a good puzzle generator or rater at the moment.  This is not a trivial feature to implement, so I plan to finish up some other features to improve playability first, which I can do more quickly when I get some more free time.  At some point, though, I do plan to tackle the problem of having only a limited number of puzzles.

I will document my "puzzle pack" file format soon, which is fairly simple (you can look at the *.spp file for an example).  Perhaps someone with a collection of puzzles will be interested to publish them in this format.  If so, the "Open..." menu will allow you to play them.

RE: the difficulty menu, I am considering publishing separate puzzle packs, one for each level, and using the "Open" menu to select them.  I'm interested in feedback on that.

RE: red numbers for invalid moves, I will add this to my feature list.

At this point, I don't think I will provide a solver.  I think it's too tempting to give up and let the computer solve the puzzle which takes away from the fun of the game.  :)

Well, you seem to have already thought to each point! :D
I know that implementing a puzzle generator is not the easiest thing to do, but it would tackle the problem of the lack of grid. However, you are right when you say that it is not the most important priority. Anyway, you are doing an admirable work and I hope that you will be helped to make sets of grids.
Finally, I am ready to help you to create other spp files. Nevertheless, have tried to see how you wrote the Sample.spp, but I do not really understand the principle.

Great! I'm glad to have help in making spp files. I will document and post the file format tonight (GMT-8).

I have created the new topic Puzzle Packs for Puzzle Creators with instructions for puzzle creators that wish to publish their puzzles for Smoresoft Sudoku.


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