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Wow, wonderful piece of software... it has everything 5ud0ku (the best sudoku java midlet IMHO) has, except one little feature that I find particularly useful : in 5ud0ku, each digit has a separate color (1=brown, 2=green, 3=dark blue, etc...). I find that this little enhancement speeds up visual resolution of the grid. Could you add such a (togglable) feature? Each digit could have its own color, and instead of flagging wrong numbers with a red color, perhaps errors could be flagged with a red background ?

This feature would make it the best sudoku ever :)

Thanks for the suggestion, Rheuh! I'll add it to my list for the next release (probably this weekend). I'm not sure how I'll flag invalid numbers. I use the cell background color already for the selection guidelines and the highlighting feature, so I'll have to experiment. Perhaps I can draw a strikeout line through them.

Rheuh, I tried out 5ud0ku and it seems like a nice implementation.  I'm curious... what is it about Smoresoft Sudoku that would make you consider switching?

Well... I hate having to launch the midlet manager every time I want to play 5ud0ku. And I find sad, too, that Java midlets are the only programs not "cleartyped" on my phone :)

Another feature I find very well done in 5ud0ku is the way it handles undo/redo (with the directional pad). Try it, you might be amazed. I find that this is very handy because at some point on hard sudokus, I have to do some backtracking in order to find the solution hehe.

(BTW, the strikeout idea seems very great to me !)

Yes, I did like the undo/redo a lot, and I will do something like that.  It took me a minute to figure out how to use it, but once I got it, it was very nice.  Thanks for pointing it out!


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