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The vision for version 1.3 is about making the game fun for players that are new to Sudoku.  A redesign of the web site is also planned, to include more detailed installation instructions for players that aren't familiar with installing software on their phones.

There will be some new features for advanced players as well, and of course, you'll be able to turn off any of the glitz that you find annoying.

"Fun" Features

* Sound support for themes
* In-game instructions
* Hint system
* Colored pencil marks
* Flash completed regions
* End-game animation
* In-game links to download new puzzle packs and themes
Advanced Features

* Save undo history between games
* More statistics (e.g., average times)
* Undo to solvable
* Configurable keys
The much-requested puzzle pack manager feature will be the focus of the following release, and then, possibly, a Pocket PC version.

This is the current plan, but all of it is subject to change without notice.

Your feedback is appreciated and does influence each release.


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